10 Tips to help your young player keep playing

10 Tips to help your young player keep playing

1. Support their decision to start playing an instrument.

2. Provide your player with a reliable instrument.

3. Always encourage and support home practice – the sounds you are hearing will
soon enough be sounds you really, really, look forward to listening to.

4. Acknowledge your child’s progress – in the beginning learning can be quite a
challenge, so be generous with your praise!

5. Get excited about their performances… especially the first one – Don’t miss it!

6. Keep in contact with your child’s teacher – especially for guidance when going
through a challenging period.

7. Keep your child’s instrument maintained with an annual service.

8. Remind your player that with music… hard work pays off.

9. Be patient – learning music is a skill which takes time to develop but will last a

10. Embrace the opportunity your child has and ENJOY IT!