A quality instrument encourages a student to learn and grow

A quality instrument encourages a student to learn and grow

“A bad instrument is a very bad reason for any child to lose interest in music”

When considering the purchase of any instrument, there is certainly no shortage of choice.  To give any beginner an instrument which is the wrong size, not reliable or in poor playing condition (new or old) is to ensure they will be frustrated, doubt themselves and likely lose interest.

Reputable established brands have a lot to offer—quality control, spare parts, longevity and resale. There are some very cheap brand new instruments being sold online, however, sadly price does generally reflect quality; the repair bill on these instruments is likely to quickly outweigh the initial purchase price.

If finances permit go for a new one, but make sure it’s quality (and not a fake). If you’re on a budget, you’re far better off renting or buying a second hand instrument of a reputable brand. Try and get a teacher or technician to check it out, or even better, buy one that comes with a warranty from a reputable company for total peace of mind.

At Woodswind and Brass we offer a range of solutions in an attempt to ensure that every budding musician has access to an instrument that is both affordable and reliable.