Get the best value for money when purchasing instruments for school music programs (Australia)

Get the best value for money when purchasing instruments for school music programs (Australia)

When looking at purchasing instruments for your school music program there are some seemingly great deals out there. The market is bursting with all kinds of new brands that offer extreme value for your music budget, saving you and your school valuable dollars, or at least, that’s what they will have you believe.

The old saying “you get what you pay for” still rings true. Even more so with the rapid growth of online purchasing where you don’t necessarily get to fully preview your purchase prior to committing. While most retailers offer a return policy more often than not it is hard work and you end up regretting the entire process.

It is not hard to spot a good quality instrument, and yes, it does generally come with a higher price tag, but that is buying peace of mind and quickly becomes a long term investment with no regrets.

Your purchase will soon benefit your school as the investment in good quality instruments stretch through many years.

The life expectancy of an instrument can vary greatly. When debating which brand to go with check out your music storeroom and take a good look around. Which instruments have been the most reliable? Are they still going strong 10-15 years later? The brands tend to speak for themselves. These stem from companies that have established reputations through decades of devotion to research, development and a commitment to providing instruments that exceed expectations in quality, longevity and playability.

Even if the same model is no longer available you will find the craftsmanship has only continued to improve over time.

Buying a cheap instrument can lead to spending more down the line in replacements and repairs. The materials used by top brand companies are durable and will hold up to the demands of student players over time.

We have decades of experience when it comes to repairing and maintaining school instruments, which gives us a huge insight into the value of quality brand investment.

At WoodsWind and Brass we are happy to share our thoughts and opinions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. The first insight you can get at any time is by checking out the brands and models carried in our online shop – we only stock the best because our reputation depends on it.