Instrument cases... what's in yours?

Instrument cases... what's in yours?

Be sure to keep an eye on what’s in your instrument case – sometimes your case and its contents can be doing more harm than good.

A few quick tips…

Check the fit – cases are made to mould around your instrument and hold it securely in place with neither too much pressure or excessive movement.

Always make sure chipped and broken reeds are disposed of – splintered reeds can easily make for damaged leaking pads – even a quick vacuum every now and then can eliminate lots of little foreign objects causing potential havoc with your instrument.

Never put too much pressure on the instrument mechanism by trying to store books or an excessive amount of accessories in your  case, however handy it may seem.

Don’t leave your case vulnerable – for example the extreme heat in the boot of a car, or precariously balancing on its end in the middle of the classroom!