Ready Set Play!® Packages

Our packages are flexible and are tailored to your needs for the instrument of your choice. Rent instrument only or as a package solution ready to play! Customise your own Ready Set Play!® Package or go for our Essentials package which includes tutor book and music stand for $39.95. All Ready Set Play packages come with a free Music Bag and complimentary delivery. Click here to download the Ready Set Play!® brochure.

Why hire or rent?
We believe that with opportunity comes results. Given the opportunity to commit to the experience of learning a musical instrument often results in a long term love of all things music. A minimum rental period of 4 months applies to ensure that every opportunity is offered to the student to experience – from the satisfaction of mastering their first song through to performing in their first concert.
Quality you can rely on
When it comes to musical instruments, you generally get what you pay for. If your budget doesn’t stretch to buying a quality instrument initially, don’t make the mistake of thinking an internet bargain will be good enough. Poor quality instruments make it harder to learn to play, and generally result in frustration. Our instrument rental service makes it possible to get top quality for a small monthly fee.
Rent money, dead money?
Not here… after your 4 month minimum rental period you are welcome to purchase your instrument with 50% of all of your rental money deducted from your purchase.
Local and accessible
For any of your concerns with your instrument we are here to help. You won’t have to courier your instrument interstate for maintenance, or miss lessons while your instrument is away on repair. We have technicians on site, ready to make any adjustments when needed… just pop in!

We offer Schools multiple ways to support music programs. We can supply rental packages directly or we can partner together to provide rentals to your school families. We can cater to suit your school needs – rent by the year or semester and take advantage of rental purchase options. Regardless of whether you want to rent just a few instruments or an entire fleet, we can personalise a program to perfectly meet your needs. Contact us for pricing and to join our Schools VIP program.

Regional rentals welcome

It doesn’t matter where you are in Queensland, simply register via our online shop or complete our hire application form successfully and we will send you an instrument! Call us for more info!

Monthly rental fees

All rentals have a once off account setup fee of $34.95 inc gst.


  • Flutes $38.00 per month Brands include Pearl, Yamaha, Gemeinhardt and Jupiter.
  • Clarinets $38.00 per month Brands include Yamaha, Buffet and Jupiter.
  • Alto Saxes from $48.00 per month Brands include Jupiter, Selmer, Yamaha.
  • Tenor Saxes from $78.00 per month Brands include Jupiter, Selmer, Yamaha.
  • Trumpets $38.00 per month Brands include Yamaha, Jupiter and Bach.
  • Trombones $46.00 per month Brands include Yamaha, Jupiter and Bach.
  • Percussion Kit $32.00 per month
Ready Set Play!® package optional extras
One off cost and it’s yours to keep.


  • Instrument Tutor Book $21.95
  • Music Stand $24.95
  • Essentials Package (tutor book & stand) $39.95
  • 3 pack Vandoren Reeds Clarinet $14.95 Alto Sax $18.95 Tenor Sax $25.95
  • 3 pack Rico Reeds Clarinet $12.95 Alto Sax $16.95 Tenor Sax $22.95
  • Instrument Care Kit $36.95

Example: Your child has shown an interest in learning clarinet for the school year. Once off account setup fee $34.95 + Essentials Pack (book & stand) $39.95 + Rico Clarinet Reeds $12.95 + monthly $38 instrument hire cost = $125.85

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We have used WoodsWind and Brass for our Instrumental Music Program for several years and we have come to rely heavily on the efficient, prompt and friendly service they provide. Whenever we need any instruments serviced or repaired, we get first class attention – the instrument is picked up from school, usually within a day of our call, and a report is sent back to the school very quickly. When the work is done, it is delivered back to the school. The prices are very competitive and we always receive objective advice about the instrument in question – if the…

Dr Linda Mackay Performing Arts Head of Department Sandgate District State High School

Highly recommended for all your musical instrument needs, fantastic customer service. Thank you so much Brenda for your very honest advice, guidance with the hiring of a flute. Thanks for arranging an on-the-spot hire of a new flute for Livi allowing her to continue with her band and music aspirations. She was so excited to practice when she got home, it sounds wonderful. Your prompt responses to our enquiries were greatly appreciated. Looking forward to seeing you again for our next service.

Nikki Rental Customer Ready Set Play

Our performance based curriculum has over 300 students learning instruments in years 5, 6 and 7. St Patrick’s College supplies all instruments to students and as a result, each instrument needs to be serviced on a year to year basis. WoodsWind & Brass has managed to service all identified instruments within a short time frame of a week with minimal disruption to our performance curriculum.

Andrew Will St Patrick's College Shorncliffe