Ukulele Self Isolation Survival Kit - Kealoha BU26 Tenor Uke - Matt Finish


Learning to play a ukulele is easy, and its a great way to be productive while you have a little extra time on your hands!

Woods Guitars and Keys have put together a few Ukulele Self-Isolation Survival Kits, including one of our quality instruments, as well as extras that may include a chord chart, a strap, a carry case, capo or a clip-on tuner.

And the best part is that we will deliver them to your door!

The Kealoha BU26 Tenor Uke Pack includes:

  • The beautiful all-mahogany BU26 Tenor Uke, which delivers mellow and soulful tones that sound wonderful on their own, and also compliment the voices of any concert or soprano sized ukulele. With a rosewood fretboard and Aquila strings, this is an instrument you’ll love to play!
  • A clip-on headstock tuner
  • Ukulele Capo
  • Ukulele Strap (red, blue or black)
  • A ukulele chord chart to get you started


Place your order online, or even call us up on 1300 378 452!

Quick, safe, sanitised and reliable local delivery!



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