Vandoren Alto Sax Mouthpiece Profile AP3


Vandoren Alto Sax Mouthpiece Profile AP3

Brand new from Vandoren, the Profile is an all-new development for classical saxophonists, offering the clarity and focus of the popular Optimum series, but with new tonal dimensions and tone colours, expanding the possibilities for all kinds of demanding solo and chamber repertoire.

Profile mouthpieces design provides a round sound, great projection, and immediate response. Profile mouthpieces – A combination of the most famous mouthpiece attributes resulting in unparalleled artistic opportunities.
This new series is characterised by:
An elegant design with a soft and rounded shape
A more tapered beak to allow increased playing comfort and greater flexibility
A new sound aesthetic defined by the latest generation facing

An instinctive extension of the air column with a natural fluidity between all registers and an infinite palette of colours.
Opening: 1/100 mm –  158
Facing length:    Medium Long


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