Woodswind and Brass now offers product rental

Woodswind and Brass now offers product rental

We are thrilled to now be able to offer the convenience of renting an instrument through WoodsWind & Brass.

Too often, we were hearing from clients who had children struggling on instruments that were of an extremely poor quality, and simply not worth repairing. Regardless of how supportive a parent may be, often it is hard to justify the outlay of a musical instrument in the family budget, not knowing how committed your little musician may be in the future.

We are BIG believers in the all round long term benefits of learning a musical instrument. One of our main objectives as a business, is to give kids the best shot at success and enjoyment in their musical experiences.

To be able to offer QUALITY instruments for a small monthly rental fee enables players the opportunity to get the best possible results from the effort they put in. In a win-win situation, if you are convinced while renting, that playing an instrument is more than a passing phase, you are welcome to make your instrument your own by purchasing it with half of all rental money paid deducted from the purchase price. Alternatively, if you decide that playing an instrument is not for you, simply return your instrument knowing you gave it your best!

To talk to us about renting an instrument, simply call us on 1300 378 452 or fill out a hire enquiry form.