Woodwind and Brass Instruments - Regional Queensland

Woodwind and Brass Instruments - Regional Queensland

For most people September is synonymous with Spring… warmer weather, longer days and beautiful blooms!

At WoodsWind & Brass, September is all about focusing on our regional centres; wonderful towns such as Gympie, Gladstone and Goondiwindi. We don’t care about the size of your town, we care about the music that thrives within it!

One of our aims over the past few years has been to offer the same level of service and convenience our metro customers know and love, to our regional centres. We have seen many passionate, dedicated and talented instrumental teachers produce amazing results in Queensland’s regional areas and we believe that the more we can support them, the better!

Let’s face it, it doesn’t matter where you are – an instrument that works will make life a whole lot easier on everyone!

Wherever you are in Queensland, we encourage you to post a pic on our Facebook page of you making music in your town. Each person who sends something in will get a little something special in return to let you know we’re hearing you!

For any enquiries on the services we offer to our regional clients please contact us on 1300 378 452 or drop us an email to brenda@woodswindandbrass.com.au.