Alges Conductor's Podiums



Impeccable quality and various configurations available, starting at $1295.00.
Contact us to discuss your needs, great value guaranteed!

Whether your Maestro is directing a band, orchestra or choir, Alges mobile Conductor’s Podiums can be easily moved and ensures a safe and sturdy performance. The modular and reliable design incorporates a detachable handrail and is ideal for use in an auditorium or rehearsal room.

Unit weight: 130 lbs (59kg)
Upper podium securely interlocks with base podium.
Base podium: 43”width x 38” depth x 6” height(109cm x 97cm x 16cm); 66lbs
Upper podium:32”width x 38” depth x 6” height(81cm x 97cm x 16cm); 64lbs
Podium deck‚Äôs constructed of solid 3/4”(19mm) plywood.
Carpet is 80% Polypropylene, 20% Polyester fine ribbed cord carpet.
Steel frame for maximum strength and support.
Epoxy powder coated finish for durability and appearance.
Podium edge trim: 16-gauge (1.5mm) steel in black.
Detachable safety rail.
Built-in wheels for easy and fast mobility to storage.

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