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Guitar Rack – 20 Units


Mobile Instrument Storage Rack

This piece is sturdy, functional and beautiful.

Whether you are a school music department or a professional orchestra, protecting your most valuable instruments during transport and storage is essential.

Alges stringed & brass Instrument racks provide exceptional care when storing and moving your instruments safely and securely. Each model is specifically designed with solid supports cradling every instrument, protecting from damage. Heavy duty hard rubber swivel casters make rolling onto transport and through doorways in any venue easy.

Available in a choice of finishes, Alges Instrument racks are strong, reliable and cost effective and come backed with a quality and reliability guarantee.


Guitar Rack (20 unit Rack)
Model: ASR50
Dimensions:63 1/2″ (w) x 30″(d) x70 1/4″ (h) (161cm x 76 cm x 178 cm)
Unit weight:158lbs (72kg)
Holds twenty instruments.

3/4″(19mm) Side panels are plywood core with a laminated wood veneer finish.
Upper and lower crosses are MDF (medium density fiber-board) core with a laminated wood veneer finish.
Racks have 2 1/2″ (6cm) swivel casters with heavy duty rubber wheel for easy transport.
Locking mechanisms on two wheels.
Close ends for extra protection.
Assembly required.

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