Ready, Set, Play packages now available

Ready, Set, Play packages now available

Simple, convenient and great value!

Our packages are flexible and are tailored to your needs for the instrument of your choice. Rent instrument only or as a package solution ready to play!

Customise your own Ready Set Play Package or go for our Essentials package which includes tutor book and music stand for $36.00.

All Ready Set Play packages come with a free Music Bag and complimentary delivery.

Ready Set Play package optional extras

One off cost and it’s yours to keep.

  •  Instrument Tutor Book $16.95
  • Music Stand $22.95
  • Essentials Package (tutor book & stand) $36.00
  • 3 pack Rico Reeds (Clarinet $ 9.95, Alto Sax $14.95, Tenor Sax $16.95)
  • Instrument Care Kit $28.95

Example: Your child has shown an interest in learning clarinet for the school year.

Clarinet $34 /month
Once off account setup fee $34.95 +
Essentials Pack (book & stand) $36 +
Reeds $9.95
= $114.90 + monthly $34 instrument hire cost

Click here to view the Ready, Set, Play brochure. Click here for more details.